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Meet Mikiejhyia

A Message from our visionary:


Hello there.  D.A.W.L. was created to join hands with people just like you and me, to recognize that there is an inner strength in us that is eager to seek its full potential. Many of us lose ourselves in what we believe is the only way of living.  

The past has become the only thing you know and blocks you from seeing what God "destined" you to be. It all starts with acknowledgment, acceptance, and shifting of your mindset. 

Leaving your past behind doesn't mean that it didn't happen.  It means that you care about yourself enough to move forward in your "now" and to change your future. 

Destined ABOVE well-liked, LLC would like to help you understand that your past is no longer.  OUR He Knows, NOW WHAT and She Knows, NOW WHAT movements have taken off all over the world and allows our clients to get in touch with themselves.


D.A.W.L.'s Goal 

D.A.W.L. aims to deliver and help achieve education, research, inspiration, and motivation through support groups, live streams, podcasts, conferences, mentoring, retreats, and speaking engagements.  


D.A.W.L  hosts and leads live conversations on real topics to make you consider some things that may be blocking you from your breakthrough.  


The live streams are led by talented and skilled Inspirational Speakers who know how hard it is to deal with your past and to acknowledge that you no longer have to be bound by what "WAS".  D.A.W.L.'s visionary is very sincere and understands that it's critical that you release your past in order to take the necessary steps into your purpose.


Now you keep in touch.  We are looking for someone just like you to travel on this journey with us. Subscribe to our website below.  

Many of our FB groups, life coaching, live streams, are designed for just "Talking it out". Talking it out can improve your overall health. It plays a critical role in treating emotional conditions such as depression.  It can also help with physical pain, sleep disorders, relieve stress and even improves heart health, mental disorders and addictions. 


Those who have like/similar issues are the greatest listeners - it takes one to know one and to know the pain and suffering each has had in the past, currently has, and what the individual has already endured.  That is why D.A.W.L. is vital - it is "us, supporting us" with a goal of positive results. 

 Join us:

  • The official FB page is Dawl19

  • REVELATION Talk Show                                           Living Victorious Network  (ROKU, CROSS, FIRE, and    APPLE TV)

  • FB Group -  Women Only SHE KNOWS, NOW WHAT 

  • FB Group -  Men Only HE KNOWS, NOW WHAT

  • Instagram -  Everyone  @dawl19​

  • Linkedin   -   Destined Above well-liked, LLC

  • You Tube  -  DAWL 19



Grow through it, don't try to remove it

About "me" 

#Mikiejhyia (Mikia) is an empathetic, engaging, knowledgeable Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Strategies and Stress Management Coach. Her motto is to "In Courage, Out Coach" She holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Management. She is your NOW WHAT PUSHER. Her dynamic inspirational life story combined with her drive to succeed creates a unique and informative experience.  


#Mikiejhyia is a native Washingtonian who pushes people everywhere to see and acknowledge their inner strength. Just like you she is always evolving and seeking to gain a higher knowledge of self awareness, to promote the most positive experience with anyone that she comes into contact with. 


She is the owner and CEO of D.A.W.L. Destined Above well-liked, LLC which has many components.  #Mikiejhyia will always encourage you to acknowledge what God sees in you and not man.  Let's finish the race stronger than when we started.   

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