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"Let's unlock your future, by dealing with your past."

There is no greater feeling than peace from your past and knowing it can no longer keep you bound.  Destined Above well-liked, LLC would like to help you understand that your past is no longer. 


Many have lost themselves in what they believe is the only way of living.  Ecclesiastes 3 - To everything there is a season. Your past was a season.  Everyone has one.  There are patterns and behaviors that can hold you back from reaching your highest potential. Your past does not define your "I AM", who you are in the present. Now What!

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When I was told me about the December event in the fall (Gracefully Broken ) 
my first thought truthfully was “December is the wildest month”!
As the time went on the Lord revealed why it was the perfect time ! As women, people pull on us so much that we don’t even realize the scars, hurts and disappointments that we have put bandages on to move to the next person in need. The event forced me to confront those areas.
Every speaker, singer and the amazing group of women flowed in power. I left there stronger than how I arrived! I was able to celebrate the birth of Jesus with a renewed, restored heart!
Kia labored for this event and it came forth like pure gold!!!

Benita Alvarez


I left everything in NC to come to DC and start my whole life over.  I was lost, scared and confused.  I moved to be with a man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. That 4 year relationship didn’t work. I was so comfortable and scared to be alone.  One day I decided to move on and get my own place.  While planning my transition, I met a beautiful woman at work who knew I was lost and connected me with the D.A.W.L. Women's group on Facebook.   This Women's group is helping me learn how to love myself.  I wanted to connect with women who are honest about life physically, mentally and spiritually. Women who are not afraid to admit they went through some tough times and overcame every obstacle.  I must continue to move forward. I’m learning how to release soul ties which may be hindering my growth. I am learning how to accept being alone.  I am learning how to love Lakecia again! I have to because my daughter looks up to me.  My daughter is my world and I WILL mentally get myself together in order to give her what she needs in life.  I refuse to give up.  No matter what, I will continue to be apart of this group because I need the motivation and guidance from other women.  I am going to be the woman God has ordained me to be!  I am going to be the best mother and raise my daughter to be a future D.A.W.L

Lakecia Murchinson


I was invited by my Love Sista Trena; expecting greatness was automatic; however, DAWL exceeded my expectations! In these unprecedented times, this platform of healing and restoration is so necessary in our community! The atmosphere felt safe and the vulnerability was identifiable. Thankful for this urban grassroots movement of social media conversations that will help build stronger relationships and in turn, stronger families. Kudos DAWL

Gladys (not pictured)

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D.A.W.L. life coaching with Mikiejhyia has brought me from a bad spot in my life to where I can finally see the rainbow at the end.  Going through life coaching sessions with Mikiejhyia has made me realize that my past is just that and does not define me or my future.

Juanita Barbour


I attended the PAUSE Seminar via zoom and it was amazing. Very motivational and uplifting. Every time Kia speaks, she has a great relatable message. I was able to take away some key points that I can use in future life situations!

Arnecia Gallop